Monday, February 20, 2012

Sample Follow Up Letter After Business Meeting

So you've networked and made contact with a potential client, so how do you keep the momentum going? Try this follow up letter after the meeting-

Dear Mr. Philips,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Kansas Polyvinyl Convention, and as promised, I am emailing you our latest offerings.

As I've mentioned, we are one of the leading firms in the manufacturing industry having been operating in the country for over 50 years. Our company is engaged in retailing, marketing and distribution of rubber and vinyl products. We have been consistently ranked among the TOP 1,000 Corporations in the region. Currently, we are exploring new technologies and we are coming out with a resilient polyvinyl synthase next fall, primarily created for unique applications that are very marketable in your field of business. We are very much aware that you are in need of new material for your new line of gears and sockets. Perhaps our product may prove to be what you need at the moment.

If you would like to be part of our latest venture into poly synthase, please feel free to contact me to schedule a meeting or presentation. We do welcome all queries. Once again, thank you for your time.


J.F. Petersen
Product Manager
Hungersson PolyGlobal, LLC


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